⚠ This website is the beta version of the PCIbex documentation and is still under development. ⚠
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PennController for Internet Based Experiments

A free, open-source, versatile, and user-friendly online experiment builder.


PennController for Internet Based Experiments (“PennController” or “PCIbex” for short) provides the tools to build and run online experiments, from familiar paradigms like self-paced reading to completely custom-designed paradigms. Experiments can be uploaded to or imported from GitHub, making it easy to collaborate and share experiments.

PennController was developed and is maintained by Jeremy Zehr and Florian Schwarz as an extension of Ibex, a JavaScript-based experiment platform by Alex Drummond. PennController uses a streamlined code interface and requires no background in JavaScript.

PennController is under a BSD license, and its source code is available on GitHub. Its development was partly funded through a University Research Foundation Research Grant from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently supported by the ILST initiative at MindCORE.

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