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getX(“ELEMENT_NAME”).cssContainer(“CSS_PROPERTY”, “VALUE”)

What does getX() mean?


Applies the specified CSS property and value pair to the container of the element.

optional parameters

  • getX(“ELEMENT_NAME”).cssContainer({“CSS_PROPERTY_1”:”VALUE_1”, “CSS_PROPERTY_2”:”VALUE_2”})

    Apply multiple CSS property and value pairs by using curly brackets and colons.


This command affects the container of the element that it is called on, meaning that any elements added to an element through a call to standard.after or standard.before are also affected.

  • standard.after : Takes an element as an argument, and adds that element's content to the right of the element that the command is called on.


newText("center", "BANANA")
    .before(newText("left", "apple"))
    .after(newText("right", "orange"))
    .css("color", "red")
    .cssContainer("background-color", "aqua")

↳ Prints appleBANANAorange to the screen. The substring BANANA has a red text color, and the entire string has an aqua background color.